Harry Price - The Psychic Detective 

The New Biography by Richard Morris



Richard Morris's new biography of Harry Price will be published by Sutton Publishing in December 2006.  Concerning his new book, Richard writes: "The biography will be a fresh and clear-sighted new portrait of the world's most radical psychic investigator.  Quoting from rarely seen material and drawing on a wealth of original research the biography follows Harry Price from his awkward birth and throughout his turbulent career."  The book, entitled Harry Price: The Psychic Detective is described by the publishers as "The first full-length biography of Harry Price for 56 years deals objectively with the triumphs and failures of his life and career. It explains why his friends were attached to him, why his enemies hated him and why his gifts and foibles are still of interest today".  More information can be found on Sutton Publishing's own website www.suttonpublishing.co.uk


Visitors to this website can take advantage of an exclusive offer from Richard of signed personalised copies of the book for £20 inclusive of postage and packing.  Contact Richard direct at harry-price@hotmail.co.uk mentioning the Harry Price Website and the biography will be dispatched as soon as they are available.  


An exclusive article by Richard on his research into Harry Price's life will be available on this site soon so be sure to check back or e-mail mail@harryprice.co.uk to be added to the Seance25 e-mail update. 

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