Harry Price and his secretary Lucy Kaye at the Third International Congress of Psychical Research, Paris, 26th September-2nd October 1927 (Photograph - Mary Evans Picture Library)


This section of the website covers all aspects of Harry Price the man.  Here you will find biographical essays, features and articles.  This is also the place where contemporary reviews, notices & details of current Price-related news, events and research will be posted.  Click on the titles to access the articles

Some Notes on Harry Price's Biographies by Paul Adams

A short essay covering the main sources of biographical information available on Price and his work  (December 2004)



Harry Price - Ghost Hunter by Eddie Brazil

A review of a recent documentary on Harry Price shown on cable and satellite channel Sky One by the founder of the Harry Price Paranormal Research Group, Eddie Brazil  (January 2005)

Obituary: Harry Price

Reproduced from the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research Vol. 34 (1947-48)



Harry Price - The Man by Andrew Clarke

As part of his contribution to the Sky One Harry Price - Ghost Hunter programme, Andrew Clarke answered a series of questions set by the programme makers Objective Productions, which are included here  (January 2005)



Harry Price - By His Friends

A collection of short essays on Price by people who knew or worked with him, reproduced from Dr Paul Tabori's Harry Price - The Biography of a Ghost Hunter.  They are Mrs Helen Bobby, Sidney Glanville, C.E.M. Joad, René Sudre, Hereward Carrington and Lucy Kaye.  (1950)



Harry Price - A Brief Survey of his Career in Psychical Research - Part One (1881-1930) by Paul Adams

The first of two essays which look briefly at Price's work in the field of scientific psychical research, covering his major cases and investigations.



Harry Price photographed by 'spirit' photographer William Hope in February 1922 (Reproduced from Cold Light on Spiritualistic Phenomena)

The Wheatley Connection - Harry Price & the 'Prince of Thriller Writers' by Paul Adams

A brief discussion of Harry Price and the great writer Dennis Wheatley.



In Search of Harry Price by Renée Haynes

The first of two articles written for The Unexplained part-work magazine produced by Orbis Publishing in the early 1980s dealing with Price and his career in psychical research.



The Price of Fame by Renée Haynes

In her second article for The Unexplained magazine, SPR member Renée Haynes continues her brief survey of Price's famous cases including Borley Rectory and the Schneider brothers.


Harry Price: The Case for the Defence by John L. Randall

A paper published in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research in July 2000 which addresses the criticisms levelled at Price throughout his career, particularly in the wake of the 'Borley Report' of 1956.  Mr. Randall discusses Price's relationship with the SPR and presents an appraisal of Harry Price from a modern viewpoint, free from the professional rivalry and politics of his colleagues and contemporaries.



Harry Price - An Appreciation of his Life & Times by Paul Adams

A short overview of Price's career originally written for The Ghostville Times website in December 2005.  Click here for the original Ghostville article.


The Harry Price Rolls Royce by Paul Adams

A short history of Harry Price's motor car, one of two Rolls Royce's which Price owned.  This one is still running and has been fully refurbished by the current owner Peter Henderson.


Harry Price by Colin Wilson

A short summary of Price's most famous cases taken from Colin Wilson's Poltergeist.


Search for Truth - My Life For Psychical Research by Harry Price

Price's autobiography is currently being added to the website as an online book.  Click here for the available chapters.


Leslie Flint - The 1963 Harry Price Séance by Paul Adams

A complete transcription of a 42 minute tape recording of one of Leslie Flints direct voice sittings at which the alleged communicator was none other than Price himself.




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