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I - Articles in English (Date Order) Continued


69.  Experimental Sittings with Rudi Schneider in London  (In seven parts.  Psychic Research.  New York.  January-July 1930)

70.  Where Do Ghosts Come From?  (Pearson's Weekly.  8/II/1930)

71.  An Indian Poltergeist with Miss H. Kohn  (Psychic Research.  New York.  March, April, May, 1930)

72.  Do You Fear Death?  (Sunday Sun.  Newcastle.  16/III/1930)

73.  Some Ghostly Thrills  (The Leader.  29/IV/1930)

74.  A Martyr Under the Psychic Microscope: Experiments in the Roman Catacombs  (Beyond.  November 1930)

75.  My Adventures in Haunted Houses  (Person's Weekly.  27/XII/1930)


76.  An Authentic Interview with Conan Doyle from Beyond  (Cosmopolitan Magazine.  New York.  January 1931)

77.  The Return of Conan Doyle  Nash's Magazine.  January 1931)

78.  "Fools Are My Theme..."  (Magazine of Magic.  January-March 1931)

79.  A Scientific Examination of some Famous Mediums:  An address prepared for the University of Göttingen  (Beyond.  February 1931)

80.  I Know That Black Masses are Being Celebrated To-day  (Nash's Pall Mall Magazine.  February 1931)

81.  Some Recent Additions to my Library  (The Sphinx.  Kansas City.  April 1931)

82.  If Christ Returned This Easter, What Do You Think Would Happen?  (Sunday Sun.  Newcastle.  5/IV/1931)

83.  The R.101 Disaster  (Psychic Research.  New York.  July 1931)

84.  England's Strangest Library  (John o' London's Weekly.  20/VI/1931)

85.  Brilliant Séance with Rudi Schneider  (Light.  14/VIII/1931)

86.  R.101 Airship Disaster:  Expert confirms the séance account of the cause  (Light.  18/IX/1931)

87.  My Neatest Capture  (Pearson's Weekly.  3/X/1931)

88.  Science Applied to Mediumship  (Armchair Science.  October 1931)

89.  England's Strangest Library  (Ceylon Observer.  16/XII/1931)

90.  Have You Seen a Ghost?  (Pearson's Weekly.  December 5th 1931)

91.  It's Strange, But True!  (Tit-Bits.  12/XII/1931)


92.  White Magic on the Brocken  (The Listener.  1932)

93.  False Spiritualism:  An Explanation of a Few of the Ingenious Tricks Used by Some Bogus Mediums  (Graphic.  28/III/1932)

94.  Messages from the Other Side  (Evening Standard.  2/V/1932)

95.  A Seventeenth Century Poltergeist:  The Ringcroft Disturbances  (Light.  6/V/1932)

96.  Brief History of Schneider Mediumship:  Rudi Schneider  (Light.  20/V/1932)

97.  Clairvoyants' Warnings:  Should You Follow Them?  (Evening Standard.  15/VI/1932)

98.  Strange Library.  Books on Magic and Fraud  (The Week.  Brisbane.  27/VII/1932)

99.  Fakes I have Detected  (Empire News.  Manchester.  7/VIII/1932)

100.  Conjurers and Psychic Phenomena  (Two articles in Light.  12/VIII & 5/VIII/1932)

101.  Conjurers' Tributes to Spiritualism  (Light.  9/IX/1932)

102.  No Genuine Spirit Photo Has Ever Been Taken  (The Leader.  18/X/1932)

103.  The Evolution of Some Popular Conjuring Tricks  (The Listener.  28/XII/1932)


104.  Life After Death Has Not Been Proved  (Sunday Sun.  Newcastle.  12/III/1933)

105.  Leaves From a Psychist's Case-Book  (Ten articles.  Sunday Dispatch.  March-May 1933)

106.  Rudi Schneider:  Let Us Face the Facts  (Occult Review.  May 1933)

107.  Startling Experiences With Spirit Mediums  (Four articles.  American Weekly, Detroit Times etc.  1, 8, 15 and 22/X/1933)


108.  The Revolution in our Midst:  Cinematography  (Progress.  January 1934)

109.  Rudi Schneider:  Deals with controversy concerning his mediumship  (Armchair Science.  February 1934)

110.  What Science Owes to the Ciné Camera  (Film Progress.  March 1934)

111.  The "Man from Oshkosh" and the Invisible "Scot  (Empire News. Manchester.  11/III/1934)

112.  Electric Woman and Rainbow Man:  Comparison between Anna Monaro, the Italian "luminous woman" and Erto  (Empire News.  Manchester.  16/IX/1934)

113.  Exposure of Brothers' Fake Séances:  Falconer Brothers  (Empire News.  Manchester.  16/IX/1934)

114.  Some Conjuring Books of Yesterday  (Magical Quarterly.  1934-35) 


115.  I Have Seen the Indian Rope Trick:  "Karachi"  (The Listener.  16/I/1935)

116.  Confessions of a Ghost Hunter  (Series of Thirteen Articles in the Listener, from June 26th 1935 onwards)

117.  Psychic Thrills of My Life  (Four articles.  Sunday Sun.  Newcastle.  2, 9, 16 and 23/VI/1935)

118.  A Tyrolean Night's Entertainment  (The Listener.  10/VII/1935)

119.  Preserving Old Films  (The Listener.  17/VII/1935)

120.  Grand Hotel  (The Listener.  24/VII/1935)

121.  Marion the Magician  (The Listener.  17/VII/1935)

122.  The Strange Case of Madame X  (The Listener.  3/VII/1935)

123.  The Man with the X-Ray Eyes:  Kuda Bux  (The Listener.  7/VIII/1935)

124.  The Most Haunted House in England  (The Listener.  14/VIII/1935)

125.  Rudi Schneider:  The Last Phase  (The Listener.  21/VIII/1935)

126.  Curious Claims to Mediumship  (The Listener.  28/VIII/1935)

127.  Strange Exploits of a London Poltergeist  (The Listener.  31/VII/1935)

128.  Ghost-Hunting with a Cine-Camera:  Using the Film in Psychical Research  (Sight & Sound.  Autumn 1935)

129.  The "Miracle" of the Boulevards  (The Listener.  4/IX/1935)

130.  The Talking Mongoose  (The Listener.  11/IX/1935)

131.  Walking Through Fire:  Kuda Bux  (The Listener.  18/IX/1935)

132.  Fire-Walking - the Second Test  (The Listener.  2/X/1935)

133.  Fire-Walking Experiments.  Report on Kuda Bux's Demonstration  (British Medical Journal.  28/IX/1935)

134.  Walking Through Fire  (Harbinger of Light.  Melbourne.  1/XII/1935)


135.  Faith and Fire-Walking  (Encyclopaedia Britannica.  1936)  World To-day

136.  A Report on two experimental fire-walks: Kuda Bux  (University of London Council for Psychical Investigation. 1936) - This report is included in the Books By price section - click here for the cover and publication details.

137.  Science Seeks to Lay a Ghost  (Sunday Sun.  Newcastle.  8/III/1936)

138.  Bringing Gef to the Microphone  (Zigzag.  London.  Summer 1936)

139.  The Haunting of Cashen's Gap:  With R.S. Lambert  (Sunday Chronicle.  8 and 15/XI/1936)

140.  Photographing the Spirits:  Criticism of the Raynham Hall "Ghost"  (Country Life.  26/XII/1936)


141.  D.D. Home and the Brownings:  Two Interesting Letters  (Light.  14/I/1937)

142.  Dr. Tillyard's Death Foretold  (Light.  21/I/1937)

143.  Science in the Séance Room  (Prediction.  April 1937)

144.  Woman Medium's Cheese Cloth Spirits:  Mrs. Duncan  (Glasgow Evening News.  21/V/1937)

145.  A Further Letter from D.D. Home  (Light.  8/VII/1937)

146.  Last Words on the Fire-Walk  (The Listener.  11/VIII/1937)

147.  A Really Haunted House: Borley Rectory  (The Listener.  10/XI/1937)  Click here for the extract from the 'Locked Book'.


148.  Things I Can Explain  (The Listener.  12/I/1938)

149.  Something Wrong with Spiritualists  (Two articles.  Sheffield Telegraph.  12 and 14/III/1938)

150.  North Haunted House Vigil  (Sunday Sun.  Newcastle.  13/III/1938)

151.  Not By Mortal Powers:  Rudi Schneider  (Empire News.  8/V/1938)

152.  Do Ghosts Exist?  Harry Price Faces the Under-Twenty Club  (The Listener.  10/XI/1938)

153.  Buried Alive.  The cinema solves a mystery:  Account of the experimental interment of Rahmen Bey on July 15th 1938  (Sight & Sound.  Winter.  1938-39)

154.  Mystery of Borley Rectory  (American Weekly.  11/XII/1938)


155.  Psychical Research  (Encyclopaedia Britannica Year Book 1939)

156.  Can Telepathy Be Proved?  (John o' London's Weekly.  10/III/1939)

157.  Have You a Sixth Sense?  (Helios.  Spring 1939)

158.  Hardy dreamt he was Nude!  (Review in John o' London's Weekly.  18/VIII/1939)

159.  The Ghost in the Chancel  (John o' London's Weekly.  27/X/1939)

160.  The War and Psychic Research  (Prediction.  December 1939)

161.  Christmas Ghosts  (Christmas Companion.  London.  1939)


162.  My Enchanted Rectory  (John o' London's Weekly.  10/V/1940)

163.  Racketing Ghosts  (John o' London's Weekly.  26/VII/1940)                                            

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