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I -Articles in English (Alphabetical Order) -  Continued

101.  Psychic Thrills of My Life  (Four articles.  Sunday Sun.  Newcastle.  2, 9, 16 and 23/VI/1935)

102.  Psychical Research  (Encyclopaedia Britannica Year Book 1939)

103.  Psychical Research in Northern Europe  (Light.  24/I/1925)

104.  R.101 Airship Disaster:  Expert confirms the séance account of the cause  (Light.  18/IX/1931)

105.  Racketing Ghosts  (John o' London's Weekly.  26/VII/1940)

106.  Radio-Active Compounds and their Use in Psychical Research  (Journal of the American S.P.R.  July 1926)

107.  Rudi Schneider:  Deals with controversy concerning his mediumship  (Armchair Science.  February 1934)

108.  Rudi Schneider:  Let Us Face the Facts  (Occult Review.  May 1933)

109.  Rudi Schneider:  The Last Phase  (The Listener.  21/VIII/1935)

110.  Science Applied to Mediumship  (Armchair Science.  October 1931)

111.  Science in the Séance Room  (Journal of the American S.P.R.  April 1926)

112.  Science in the Séance Room  (Prediction.  April 1937)

113.  Science Seeks to Lay a Ghost  (Sunday Sun.  Newcastle.  8/III/1936)

114.  Some Account of the Poltergeist Phenomena of Eleonore Zungun  (Journal of the American S.P.R.  August 1926)

115.  Some Account of the Thermal Variations as Recorded During the Trance State of the Psychic, Stella C  (Journal of the American S.P.R.  November 1927)

116.  Some Conjuring Books of Yesterday  (Magical Quarterly.  1934-35)

117.  Some Early Works on False Mediumship  (Journal of the American S.P.R.  April 1926)

118.  Some Further Experiments with Jean Leplace  (Psychic Research.  New York.  September 1928)

119.  Some Ghostly Thrills  (The Leader.  29/IV/1930)

120.  Some Impressions of Jean Guzik and his Phenomena  (Light.  29/IX/1923)

121.  Some Magical Rarities, Ancient and Modern  (The Magazine of Magic.  November 1920)

122.  Some Personal Experiences with Anna Rasmussen  (Psychic Research.  New York.  July 1928)

123.  Some Recent Additions to my Library  (The Sphinx.  Kansas City.  April 1931)

124.  Something Wrong with Spiritualists  (Two articles.  Sheffield Telegraph.  12 and 14/III/1938)

125.  Startling Experiences With Spirit Mediums  (Four articles.  American Weekly, Detroit Times etc.  1, 8, 15 and 22/X/1933)

126.  Stella C. and her Phenomena  (Journal of the American S.P.R.  May 1924)

127.  Stella C.  A Record of some Novel Experiments in Psycho-Physical Research  (In two parts.  Psychic Science.  October 1923 and January 1924)

128.  Strange Beings Who Have Puzzled Me  (Sunday Sun.  Newcastle.  10/III/1929)

129.  Strange Exploits of a London Poltergeist  (The Listener.  31/VII/1935)

130.  Strange Library.  Books on Magic and Fraud  (The Week.  Brisbane.  27/VII/1932)

131.  The Automatic Art of Heinrich Nusslein  (Psychic Research.  New York.  November 1928)

132.  The Battersea Poltergeist  (Psychic Research.  New York.  March 1928)

133.  The Current Status of the Schneider Mediumship.  III - Five Demonstration Séances by Rudi at the National Laboratory  (Psychic Research.  September 1929)

134.  The Evolution of Some Popular Conjuring Tricks  (The Listener.  28/XII/1932)

135.  The Ghost in the Chancel  (John o' London's Weekly.  27/X/1939)

136.  The Ideal Séance Room  (Light.  4/IV/1925)

137.  The "Man from Oshkosh" and the Invisible "Scot  (Empire News. Manchester.  11/III/1934)

138.  The Man with the X-Ray Eyes:  Kuda Bux  (The Listener.  7/VIII/1935)

139.  The "Miracle" of the Boulevards  (The Listener.  4/IX/1935)

140.  The Most Haunted House in England  (The Listener.  14/VIII/1935)

141.  The National Laboratory Library  (British Journal of Psychical Research.  November-December 1927)

142.  The Phenomena of Rudi Schneider  (Journal of the American S.P.R.  November 1926)

143.  The Psychic Element in Legerdemain  (Light.  8/XII/1923)

144.  The Psychic Exhibition  (Journal of the American S.P.R.  July 1923)

145.  The Rebirth of Magic  (Sunday Chronicle.  31/XII/1923)

146.  The Return of Conan Doyle  Nash's Magazine.  January 1931)

147.  The Revolution in our Midst:  Cinematography  (Progress.  January 1934)

148.  The R.101 Disaster  (Psychic Research.  New York.  July 1931)

149.  The Slate-Writing Mediumship of Mrs. Pruden  (Journal of the American S.P.R.  March 1926)

150.  The Strange Case of Madame X  (The Listener.  3/VII/1935)

151.  The Talking Mongoose  (The Listener.  11/IX/1935)

152.  The War and Psychic Research  (Prediction.  December 1939)

153.  Things I Can Explain  (The Listener.  12/I/1938)

154.  Walking Through Fire:  Kuda Bux  (The Listener.  18/IX/1935)

155.  Walking Through Fire  (Harbinger of Light.  Melbourne.  1/XII/1935)

156.  What Mr. Maskelyne Cannot Do  (Light.  20/IX/1924)

157.  What Science Owes to the Ciné Camera  (Film Progress.  March 1934)

158.  Where Do Ghosts Come From?  (Pearson's Weekly.  8/II/1930)

159.  White Magic on the Brocken  (The Listener.  1932)

160.  Why I Suspect a Boy Medium:  Herbert Dyer  (Empire News.  Manchester.  26/VIII/1928)

161.  Woman Medium's Cheese Cloth Spirits:  Mrs. Duncan  (Glasgow Evening News.  21/V/1937)

162.  An Indian Poltergeist with Miss H. Kohn  (Psychic Research.  New York.  March, April, May, 1930)

163.  The Haunting of Cashen's Gap:  With R.S. Lambert  (Sunday Chronicle.  8 and 15/XI/1936)

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