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Regurgitation and the Duncan Mediumship by Harry Price  Bulletin I of the National Laboratory of Psychical Research, 1931

Photograph of Mrs. Duncan taken during the second sitting at the National Laboratory (Reproduced from Price's Regurgitation and the Duncan Mediumship.)

Index of Illustrations

Stereograms 1-5  (Second Séance) - Thursday, May 14th, 1931

Stereograms 6-8 (Third Séance) - Thursday, May 21st, 1931.

Stereograms 11-13 (Fourth Séance) - Thursday, May 28th, 1931.

Stereogram of paper 'Teleplasm' (Fifth Séance) - Thursday, June 4th, 1931.


Plate I   Laboratory (south) of the National Laboratory of Psychical Research, showing some of the apparatus used in the investigation of the Duncan mediumship.

Plate II  Séance-room of the National Laboratory of Psychical Research, where all the experiments with Mrs. Duncan were conducted.  Cabinet, arm-chair, settee, etc., are visible.

Plate III  Half of Stereogram 1, showing trail of cheese cloth held by mouth and poked in right nostril.  Note lower end is formed into loop.

Plate IV  Half of Stereogram 2, showing strip of cheese cloth bunched in lap.  Note torn end, a.

Plate V  Half of Stereogram 3, showing trail of cheese cloth tucked into ear, upper end supported by bandage.

Plate VI  Half of Stereogram 4, showing selvedge of cheese cloth, a.

Plate VII  Half of Stereogram 5, showing many rents in cheese cloth strip; also warp and weft strongly marked.  Note selvedge, a, and fold or crease marks, b.  Compare Stereogram 12, and control photograph, Plate VIII.

Plate VIII  Control photograph to Stereogram 5 (Plate VII), consisting of six feet of Woolworth's cheese cloth.  Note selvedge, a; rents, etc., b.  Compare with Stereogram 5.

Plate IX  Showing how easily a piece of cheese cloth (six feet long, thirty inches wide, and weighing 1½ ounces) can be rolled into small compass and placed in the mouth.

Plate X  Engraved cartoon re Mary Toft, the 'Guildford rabbit breeder' (1726) who deceived many medical men by concealing live rabbits in the vaginal passage.

Plate XI  Half of Stereogram 6, showing safety-pin, a, and rubber surgical glove, b.

Plate XII  Half of Stereogram 7, showing rubber surgical glove turned upwards.  Note safety-pin, a; selvedge of stuff, b, and puffed cheeks of medium.

Plate XIII  Enlarged portions of Stereograms 6 and 7, showing safety-pins, b and d.  Note torn end, a; sheen on rubber surgical glove, c; and selvedge of loose end, e.

Plate XIV  Half of Stereogram 8, showing lateral view of rubber surgical glove.  Note loop in stuff, a, and selvedge and rents in loose end, b.

Plate XV  Half of Stereogram 9, showing cheese cloth strip bunched round mouth and twisted tail between legs.

Plate XVI  Engraving of Blaise de Manfré, aged 72, famous regurgitator, by Hollar, 1651.

Plate XVII  Engraving of Floram Marchand, 'Le Grand Boyeur de Tours', a famous regurgitator, who flourished in 1650, from The Falacie of the Great Water-Drinker Discovered (Plate XVIII)

Plate XVIII  Title-page of The Falacie of the Great Water-Drinker Discovered, 1650, the regurgitator's vade mecum.

Plate XIX  Half of Stereogram 10, showing girl's head wrapped in cheese cloth.  Compare with Stereogram 11.

Plate XX  Half of Stereogram 11, showing girl's head wrapped in cheese cloth.  Note loop in stuff, a.  Compare Stereogram 10.

Plate XXI  Half of Stereogram 12, showing rents in cheese cloth.  Note selvedge, a; and torn strip, b.  Compare Stereogram 5.

Plate XXII  Enlarged portion of Stereogram 12, showing rents in cheese cloth, warp and weft, etc.  Note selvedge, a.

Plate XXIII  Half of Stereogram 13, showing strip of cheese cloth.  Note loop, a; rents, b; and frayed edge, c.

Plate XXIV  Enlarged portions of Stereograms 5 and 13, showing rents in cheese cloth, warp and weft, etc.  Note frayed edge, a, and crease or fold mark, b.

Plate XXV  Radiograph of medium's head, taken at fourth séance, May 28th, 1931.

Plate XXVI  Piece of 'teleplasm' (enlarged), consisting of ordinary paper, secured from Mrs. Duncan at fifth séance.  See photomicrographs, Plate XXVII, and analyst's report, p.78.

Plate XXVII  Photomicrographs (x 120) of A, the paper 'teleplasm' secured from Mrs. Duncan on June 4th, 1931, and B, control mixture of 60% chemical and 40% mechanical wood pulp.  The fibres, medullary rays, etc., are identical in both photographs.




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