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Controls Established - Séance Begins

Welcome to the sixth Seance25 newsletter of the harryprice.co.uk website.  Several factors have resulted in this issue being delayed somewhat, primarily a hard disc failure on my PC which caused a few problems as well as our interminable house sale which is still dragging on but here at last is an update of what is new on the Harry Price website.  The intention is to get back on track for next time and get the next issue out by the middle of November.  As always comments on the site and this newsletter are welcomed on the usual mailbox@harryprice.co.uk e-mail.

Medium Going Into Trance

If you have visited the site since the last newsletter back in July you may well have picked a lot of the new things but suffice it to say this is a digest of the notable additions to date.  I'd like to say a big thank you to the webmasters of the many sites who have exchanged links with me over the past few weeks.  These include author Gay Baldwin of the Isle of Wight Ghost Island website, Robin Lemkie of the Ghost Hunters of Southern Michegan, Alan McNamara of GhostWatch UK and John Millington of the Cheshire Paranormal Society.  Thanks also go to Norman Darwen for supplying the information about the notorious Louis Mayerling Borley Rectory book which is now included in the Bibliography section, and to Bob Rothwell of the Dennis Wheatley Tribute site for helping out with information and images as well (see below).  


Phenomena Reported

Peter Underwood Introduces

Top of this list this time round is the news that Peter Underwood, the Life President of the Ghost Club Society and the acknowledged expert on the Borley Rectory case has written an exclusive introduction to Harry Price and his work for the website and this is now online.  Mr. Underwood has also supplied some rare photographs of Borley which illustrate his essay and others will be included on the website shortly.  Among these are some fascinating photographs of the excavation work carried out on the old Rectory site during the 1950s.  Both Eddie Brazil and I would like to thank Mr. Underwood for his interest and contributions to the site.

Price's London Homes Revisited

Harry Price's London roots were checked out by Eddie Brazil at the end of September and photographs of two of his former homes are now on the website.  Externally at least, apart from some double-glazing and the odd satellite dish, both houses have changed little on the outside from when Harry would have knew them in the closing years of the nineteenth century.  Further visits are planned to other places associated with the great man including his marital home of forty years in Pulborough, West Sussex as well as St. Mary's Church in Pulborough where he is buried.

The Life & Times of Harry Price

The first draft of the Harry Price Timeline is now on the site which chronicles Price's life as well as detailing Price and particularly Borley related happenings in the years following his death right up to the present day.  The Timeline is a work in progress and will be updated on a regular basis.  As a companion to the Timeline I have added the first of two essays which cover Price's life in psychical research - Part One particularly looks at the years beginning with Price's work with Stella Cranshaw which brought the National Laboratory of Psychical Research into being in an embryonic state through to the closing years of the 1920s with Rudi Schneider and the beginnings of the Borley case.  Other biographical additions include John Randall's SPR paper Harry Price - The Case for the Defence and Renée Haynes's articles on Price from the early 1980s The Unexplained magazine.

New Price Biography Well Underway

On Sunday October 9th Eddie Brazil & I met up with Harry Price's official biographer Richard Morris (on the right) and Andrew Clarke of the Foxearth & District Local History Society at The Bull in Long Melford where we had a good chat about Harry and the Borley case in particular.  Richard's new book Harry Price - The Psychic Detective, the first biography of Price since Paul Tabori's 1950 book, is coming together rapidly although we will have to wait until October 2006 to get our hands on it.  Richard has unearthed an amazing amount of new material about Price and his book will I am sure make a lot of people look at Harry in a new light.  Andrew Clarke is about to have published through the Foxearth Society his collection of essays on the Borley Rectory affair under the title The Bones of Borley.  Andrew's Introduction to his Borley project can be read here.

Earlier in the day Eddie & I went to Sudbury and Liston to take photographs for a forthcoming page on this website which will be entitled The Borley Connections.   Places inextricably linked with the story of the haunted Rectory including Liston church, Liston Rectory and both public houses The White Horse in Sudbury and The Bull in Long Melford will be featured in historical & contemporary photographs.

Always More Borley

The Borley section of the website is one that always sees new material.  Eddie Brazil has added the second part of his History & Haunting of Borley Church essay to the site.  The few scarce surviving objects from the Rectory itself which include the courtyard bell and the pump wheel are featured in the photo essay The Relics of Borley Rectory, and Peter Underwood has supplied the photograph of the superb model of the Rectory building on the right here which has generated the short survey on the Borley Rectory models produced over the years. 

Yours Sincerely, Harry Price

As part of the section of the site documenting Harry Price's writings & published works, I have added a few scans of the signed copies of Price's books which I possess which include inscribed copies of the 1930 Rudi Schneider monograph and the Stella C report.  These can be viewed here and I will add more in the next few weeks.

The Prince of Thriller Writers

Finally, the connection between Harry Price and the great thriller writer Dennis Wheatley has been highlighted with a short essay which discusses the meeting the two men had at the National Laboratory in the early 1930s when Wheatley was researching background material for his now classic tale of black magic The Devil Rides Out as well as Wheatley's introduction to the 1974 Sphere Books reprint of Paul Tabori's biography of Harry Price.

Medium Coming Out of Trance - Séance Concludes

That's about all for this update for Harryprice.co.uk.  The next issue issue of the newsletter will hopefully be out at beginning of December.

Cheers for now.

Paul Adams



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