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The Harry Price Paranormal Research Group

An Introduction From Founder Eddie Brazil


First let me apologise to those of you who have previously logged on to this site and have yet to find it up and running.  It was our intention to have the HPPRG fully operational by now but as I hope most of you will understand that time, family & work commitments and keeping up with “threshold agreements” tend to get in the way of what most of us would like and need to do.  However,  no ghost or poltergeist ever waited around for family or financial concerns to restrict their want for paranormal activity.  Therefore it is time we got our Research Group moving.

The main purpose of the HPPRG is to examine, research, investigate, debate and try to understand those things which are said, for want of a better phrase “go bump in the night”.  Paranormal activity has been reported throughout the world for over a thousand years yet science has still to pin down what we are experiencing when we see, feel or hear things which have no rational explanation.  It is hoped that the HPPRG in its research and investigations can shed some light in to those areas of the “unknown” which tantalizingly lie just outside the confidant seal of scientific certainty.

The HPPRG is an internet based group.  Members are invited to research and investigate hauntings and places of paranormal activity and then report their findings online to the Group which will then be posted on site for others to discuss and dissect.  It is hoped that through the members we can can get a serious online debate and examination of each case going and hopefully get a better insight, understanding and possible solution to the phenomena.  Although the group is web based it is our hope that once or twice a year members will be able to meet up at a location famous for its paranormal history such as Borley, Langenhoe, Raynham etc. to discuss and debate cases and hauntings which members have been researching.

The HPPRG as an paranormal research group really takes its cue from the father of British ghost hunting Harry Price.  Borley Rectory was Price's most famous case.  He spent over ten years working on “The most haunted house in England” yet between May 1937 and 1938 when he leased the gloomy, rambling Essex house he took a back seat and had a rota of 38 volunteers who investigated the rectory and reported their findings to him.  Price wanted to eliminate himself from the proposed investigation and to see if intrepid, competent and cultured “Strangers” could come up with "independent evidence" of the haunting.

HPPRG founder Eddie Brazil (left) and Paul Adams at Liston Church

It is our hope that the HPPRG will operate within the same framework.  Yet in saying that, Paul and myself will not be taking as much of a back seat as did Price.  Reports of our own investigations will be posted on site for other members to discuss and critique and likewise we will cast a critical eye over those “Paranormal” cases which we receive from members, along with historic and classic cases to see if hindsight and the passage of time can reveal anything new

The only criteria we will insist upon is that all those who report there findings to us do so in a way that is rational, reasoned and logical. Is the phenomena genuine?  Could there be a normal explanation?  Is the reporting of the phenomena truthful?  And if so, what they feel the phenomena could be.

Members will be asked to submit a location of the alleged Haunting, the investigations they have carried out, their results, which can include photographs, plans, drawings etc., along with their findings and of course their conclusions. It would then be up to fellow members to comment on the cases and and hopefully from a different perspective give an alternative view of the phenomena.  Some of you will have the opportunity to link up with fellow members and help out in ongoing investigations.

But it is hoped that the HPPRG will be the hub where all of our investigations, reports and conclusions on phenomena we experience in our personal and collective research can be centered and act as the pool of information from which we can form rational, logical and truthful reasoning for what we call the paranormal.

Once again sorry for the delay in launching our site. but better late than never. The Harry Price Paranormal Research Group is now active.  We look forward to hearing from you.  

Eddie Brazil and Paul Adams

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