Wheatfield Church stands alone in a deserted park in deepest Oxfordshire, the sole surviving reminder of the once great country estate of the Rudge family.  Wheatfield house was destroyed by fire in 1814 leaving the Church abandoned to rats, birds and it seems ghosts.  Services are rarely held at Wheatfield yet lights have been seen shining from the building late at night when it is known beyond doubt that the place is locked and empty. 

Date: 2006

Medium:  Black and White Print

Size:  16 x 12 print, including border

Price:  28.00 within UK plus 3.00 shipping

Price:  $45.00 outside UK plus $15.00 shipping

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A portion of all Eddie Brazil's work sold will go to the Chiltern Society for Psychical Research (www.cspr.org.uk).

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