A friend and his young family were forced by economic hardship to squat (illegally occupy) a flat on a run-down South London housing estate.  Soon after they began to hear bangs, thumps and the sound of a crying child.  They put it down to neighbours in the same desperate plight until my friend awoke one night on the living room sofa to see a child skip through the room and vanish through a wall.  They soon after fled to a rather less disturbing one-bedroom flat.  The photographer himself also witnessed objects moving and heard a child crying in the dead of night.  (Although this is the flat where the paranormal incident took place this is not a real ghost).

Date:  1980

Medium:  12x 16 Black and White Print

Price:  28.00 within UK plus 3.00 shipping

Price:  $45.00 outside UK plus $15.00 shipping

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