Jack the Ripper is the most famous, or depending on your point of view, infamous serial killer in history. He murdered five, possibly more, innocent women in the shadowy, lamp-lit lanes and alleyways of Whitechapel in London's East End throughout the Autumn of 1888.

His enigma continues today because he was never caught, and his true identity remains a enduring fascination with Ripper hunters the world over.

Yet if we didn't know Jack he certainly knew us. Certainly he had a mother and father, possibly brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and nephews, friends and acquaintances. People knew the man who would become Jack the Ripper. But there was never any witnesses to his crimes...or was there? Surely the eyes of a mute four legged wanderer of the night would have watched from the shadows as Jack committed his grisly work.

This is my interpretation of Jack's only witness. 

Framed 16x12 limited edition print of only twenty. Signed and numbered by the photographer.

Price: 140.

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A portion of all Eddie Brazil's work sold will go to the Chiltern Society for Psychical Research (www.cspr.org.uk).

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